New Inventory System Web Portal

R&R Freight Services with the help of their IT company Orange Horse Technology have completely updated their Inventory System Web Portal. The new system now allows R&R’s customers much more available data and ease of use. The website now allows each individual customer access to many reports at a click of a button. Reports can be tailored to each specific requirement based on the need. From the feedback we are receiving from our many large customers including Edgewell/Schick, Pez Candy and many others, they could not be happier.
If you are interested in a demonstration that will show you the capability of the New Web Portal, please reach out at anytime. R&R is committed to remaining on the forefront of Inventory Technology with the help of our partner Orange Horse Technology. R&R understands that the use of Inventory Technology and that constant upgrading is crucial to the success of their business. Over the past five years alone, R&R’s Warehousing and Distribution Business has grown over 300 percent. The reason for the great success is customer service with an attention to details and Inventory Software which both help make the customers life easier.