R&R Freight Wants Customer Feedback

Over the years through constant feedback from many of our customers, R&R Freight Services and its operational staff have focused on exactly what our customers are looking for in a transportation company.
  1. PROFESSIONAL and EXPERIENCED STAFF: Our operations staff at R&R Freight services has an over of 12 years experience working in the logistics industry and working directly for R&R. This experience allows our internal staff to know exactly what each customer wants and expects from us. Most times the R&R staff can act upon circumstances that occur knowing full well what our customers would want us to do. We focus on being part of the solutions for all of our customers and that alone builds their trust in us.
  2. USING TECHNOLOGY TO OUR BENEFIT: One of the corporate goals of the management team here at R&R Freight Services is to constantly focus on upgrading our technology so that we may benefit both our internal and external customers. By utilizing the specific software and technology available to us we allow our customers the ability to TRACK their shipments and keep them informed on their inventory in real time. The system updates the customers with automatic emails and confirmations.
  3. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: The primary goal that we take on each individual shipment is to arrive on time and damage free. With a constant focus on customer satisfaction and a high level of service both personal and in regards to our operations, the customers feel they can trust us with their high value shipments as well as their time critical ones.